General Contractors + Construction Managers + Design Builders

Pairing Passion With Service

Our customers are highly satisfied with our construction project delivery process. Why? We think one of the reasons is we see beyond the project we’re currently building — we want to build for you again, even if it’s 50 years from now.

Some of our services include:

General Contracting - Valor Construction’s experienced team will come to your home or business and perform a full inspection of the work that needs to be done, provide several options and answer any questions that you might have. And as always, we will get the job done on time and on budget! We are committed to making the project development and construction process a positive experience for our clients, and it is our obligation to understand each client's project requirements and to provide professional service and expertise that ensures those requirements will be met.

Regardless of the type of project, Valor’s mission is to represent our clients to the best of our ability by providing responsive construction services in an honest, timely and professional manner.

Construction Management – Valor Construction has the in-house expertise to guide our clients in the overall management and administration of projects. Our construction management approach provides clients with the assurance that budgets and schedules are met and is based on teamwork in which the client, architect/engineer and construction manager work together in the client's best interest.

Our Construction Management Team provides a service to you, the owner, protecting your best interests. Our team can provide management of all phases of the project to include: planning, design, construction and post-construction. We will manage all aspects of quality, cost, time and scope to ensure a successful high quality, on time, and on budget completion to your project. We accomplish this using several tools:

Communications: We keep you involved, as well as all members of the construction team, by the use of pre-construction meetings, weekly meetings and daily plans of attack.

Scheduling: We use a sophisticated scheduling system that allows us to plan at a very detailed level, every step of the project, keeping your promised completion date in front of us at all times.

Cost: Our highly skilled Project Managers are always aware of the current cost of the project and very driven to keeping it on budget. We get our project management team involved early in the process to help identify any potential problems.

Design-Build – Design-build is a construction project delivery system where, in contrast to traditional "design-bid-build", the design and construction phases are contracted with a single entity known as the design-builder or design-build contractor.


  1. One contract: A design-builder is solely accountable for the successful design and construction of your building. Valor serves as an extension of your organization, ensuring your building meets your business needs and reflects your culture. This minimizes your project risk.
  2. Integrated design: Design-build provides great design while balancing image, function, quality, sustainability and cost expectations. During design programming, we present design options and together determine your critical project components, avoiding costly backtracking and redesign.
  3. Speed: The delivery of your project on time is just as important as meeting your design and budget expectations. Scheduling and estimating proceed on a parallel track with design, allowing for a faster, more reliable delivery.

For all of our construction projects, we:

Define expectations

  • Establish Project Criteria
  • Assist to Define Design and Budget
  • Encourage Collaboration between Owners and Design Professionals
  • Define and Balance Design with Preliminary Estimates

Select Project Delivery Methods

  • Construction Management Agent
  • Design-Build
  • Job/Task Order Contracting
  • Construction Management at Risk
  • Public Finance/Leaseback Arrangements

Solicit and Evaluate Bids

  • Conformance to Design
  • Scope
  • Quality
  • Cost and Timeliness

Monitor Construction

  • Ensure Continuity with Design Documents
  • Schedule Review and Analysis
  • Monitor Contract Obligations
  • Observe On-site Construction Process
  • Review Owner Required Changes
  • Review and Process Payment Applications
  • Establish Punch Lists at Completion and Process Close-out Documents